Low impact quality

Francesca Marchisio works with reliable Italian suppliers only selecting sustainable fabrics to provide aesthetic, comfort, easy-care and respect for the environment. From natural fibres as linen and hemp, derived from low impact production, to organic cotton, silk, wool, Naia Acetate, FSC Viscose, recycled polyester and nylon.


To reduce waste and make customized garments on request, Francesca selects stock service fabrics, special yarn dyed in minimum quantities, and also many neutral white fabrics which are printed or embroidered season after season.

Conscious waste-couture

A real conscious waste-couture is the new sustainable and innovative Francesca Marchisio’s vision, experienced as an intrinsic element of craftsmanship, local Italian production character, and also as a real creative chance to re-use offcuts giving them a new value by the precious working of embroiders.


Seamstresses are involved both in the hand-making production and in the creative process, as the composition of unique pieces.


Ethical craftsmanship experimentation featuring a high sartorial content gives rise to a simple lines capsule, unique and timeless thanks to the always different offcuts.

Circular creativity

Imagination encircles the world” A. Einstein.
Art inspires Francesca design as garments, prototypes or second-hand, can inspire Art.


Exploring contemporary philosophy and making it a lifestyle through her sustainable design, Francesca began a very engaging collaboration with artists: paintings become special prints making her collection unique while used clothes become material for new artworks.

Community care

We motivate customers to return used items in exchange for exclusive benefits and to involve them in the mission of reducing waste around fashion.


These garments will be up-cycled by artists or innovative interior-design projects.

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