Eco design

“Sustainable” means “finding solutions”. The purpose of Fashion Design is to find solutions in balance between Beauty and Function, Ethic and Economy. 

Our engagement is to project clothes both taking care of the quality and the impact of fabrics (pre-consumer), then thinking about clothes’ whole life with reversible, modular and up-cycling design.

Reversible aesthetic

I’ve been experimenting with objects’ transformation since 2011.

Fashion is about evolution: the eternal desire to change between who we are and who we would be.

The possibility to be contemporary as timeless.

Reversible and modular clothes fit every style and allow people to stand out or camouflage according to the contexts.
Eachone can interpret fashion as a personal experience to feel good.

Perspectives change, objects last.

Less waste is More value

Upcycling is the key to closing the circle reducing the environmental impact.

It is part of the design process because it joins the best management of resources, and waste fabrics, to the creation of unique details that can also be scaled.

Dress for humans to express their unique identity.

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