I’m Francesca Marchisio, brand, designer and gentle activist involved in sharing a new idea of Fashion, a path of personal and social growth.

“Fashion is about change, but change in nature is circular”. 

After attending the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, the first experience in MaxMara Group and the Next Generation award in 2007, I works since many years as consultant for different companies in Italy and abroad.
In 2000s it did not exist courses on sustainability but I built my experience and my eco approach into fashion design thanks to a lot of curiosity, knowledge and practice.
In 2011 I founded Sacaporter, a small capsule collection of modular and reversible dresses, coats and small vest-bags to take on. In 2019 the launch of my brand at MFW with #Oxymoron and then #SimultaneousContrast, #Weareallinfinite… all my collections always reflect on the same paradox “inside/outside” through timeless design and
up-cycled garments.

“I want to feel free to research different ways to make fashion.”

Transformation is also essential for Francesca Marchisio. It combines design, aesthetics and Italian manufacture.


I work with a group of skilled professionals in fashion and graphic design, photography and film direction, pattern making and manufacturing.
Francesca Marchisio Atelier is located in the historic center of Reggio Emilia, a bright open space where works of art inspire crafts and design.

– Trends forecasting + Market analysis = Unique Concept for every brand.
– Long Lasting Concept for products, story telling, commercial line sheets development.
– From sketches to development of the collection.
– Management of costs, suppliers, pattern makers, prototyping  and samples production.
– Strategy to practice circular production starting from product identity.
– Design project to optimize pre and post consumer production.
– Style tips for recovering old deadstocks and unsold items.
– Workshops and courses focused on up-cycling techniques.
– Art direction to highlight each brand identity.
– Marketing strategy.
– Storytelling through shootings, fashion films, videos for socials.


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