Circularity in fashion: meet Francesca Marchisio

Circularity in fashion: meet Francesca Marchisio

By Renoon

We sat down with Francesca Marchisio, the founder of the eponymous brand, to discuss about what brought her to create her circular fashion brand and what sustainability means to her as a fashion designer

Meet Francesca Marchisio, the Italian stylist believing in circular fashion as a creative opportunity as well as a necessary one.

Francesca Marchisio, founder of the eponymous brand

Francesca started her journey into fashion design in 2011, with her first brand Sacaporter…

“My aim was to design less clothes but more useful. Reversible coats and modular dresses have been roots of my sustainable design. In 2019 I started designing different ways of up-cycle, from Waste-couture, where waste is enhanced with hand embroidery, to Up-Fashion, where new clothes are designed by old ones!” she explained

I think having a brand is a concrete way to express my creativity and a personal Manifesto! 

“Managing the project, the samples, the marketing, the social networks, the sales and the contacts with the press is a 360° job, as tiring as it is exciting … you never stop learning” Francesca tells us

Images by Francesca Marchisio

Sustainable means to find solutions that can keep a balance between a problem and a dream

“To find solutions we have to know “why” there is the problem, and think “how” we can solve this problem. I’ve started to organize Upfashion Workshop to talk with people about the meaning of Sustainability and a new life style!

Sustainability is a complex matter. A brand can be sustainable if there is a project that match more different concrete actions. Clothes have to be crafted locally with ethical policy.” Francesca tells us

Certified fabrics are not enough if they are not employed for a timeless design. Sustainable is taking care of things and people.

“I wish people would want to delve into things to go beyond just greenwashing and actively choose their clothes. People don’t seriously realize about climate change and how everyone can do something to reduce pollution with their lifestyle.

People should be more confident to choose less but better, this is the main great low impact action! 

“For instance, I think one item that should be in everyone’s closet is a genderless shirt, both for women and men. It can be formal or casual, it goes well with every outfit, it is an icon. Then you can transform it like a shirt-jacket or shirt-dress, playing with the sleeves, embroidering it…. It has infinite potential!” she jokes.

I think that in these 20s everything is already back: all the styles of all the decades of the twentieth century mix or simply coexist! 

“Personally I love fashion in 1918 (post war), Balenciaga in 1958-62,1968 hippy style and Margiela in 1997. Technology is better now than it was many decades ago, but we must safeguard the value of “quality”; which is timeless, not prices policy and fast fashion!!” Francesca concludes

And to this we add, this is why it’s important to invest in timeless pieces!

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