A dress is a matter of balance, an ever changing object able to define different point of views, to let someone feel good and to represent every nuance of a person’s character.

Films & shows

Through films people understand the emotions of clothes.
Places with music, dancers or models, every performance is a message from Francesca Marchisio.


The reversible aesthetic of Francesca Marchisio’s clothes let you pick a unique style: chromatic patches, lines and shapes can be mixed together to create moods for any occasion.


Circularity in fashion: meet Francesca Marchisio

By Renoon We sat down with Francesca Marchisio, the founder of the eponymous brand, to discuss about what brought her…

6 collezioni (+ un progetto speciale) che abbiamo scoperto a SHOWCASE – VOGUE

Nella cornice di Altaroma 2022, i nomi più interessanti tra quelli selezionati per l'esposizione all'ex Caserma Guido Reni. DI VERONICA COSTANZA…

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